Профессор Леонид Буланов

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The scientific interpretation of the discovery and the method of prof. L.A.Bulanov.

English dramatist William Shakespeare once put into mouth of his tragic character Hamlet the phrase: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”. This may explain the existence of some kind of historical paradox: though amazing scientific openings that” are undreamed-of even to luminaries in medicine” do occur, they for some reason stay unnoticeable. Russian professor and neurologist, and a well-known chiropractor Leonid Bulanov after very minute and accurate series of experimental research convincingly proved (having patented 3 scientific inventions that have no either domestic or world parallels in clinical preventive medical practice and theory), that the vast majority of our diseases are directly related to functional abnormalities of the spine and joints.

One may as much as he wants talk about scientists’ breakthroughs in human cell studies and human genome researching projects, in the disclosure of the unique aging mechanism or the important role that the complex of internal and external factors play in the pathological process and the course of the disease – which is undoubtedly essential. However if we won’t take into consideration that the main cause of nearly every disease lies in the functional condition of the spine, even the most advanced treatment based on the genius medical inventions and methods will fail.

Probably, this statement is hard to believe straightaway. Never the less, the discovery made by prof. Bulanov has already become a proved scientific medical axiom. It demonstratively proves that functional failures of varying severity in men’s musculoskeletal system are the basic and indubitable causes of nearly all his following illnesses. Right up to the progression of probable pathologies. In other words, there is no active and productive life without a healthy spine. The explanation is rather simple: there are no vital organs that to one extant or another aren’t linked within reflex means by the “neural network” to the spinal court.

Figuratively speaking — the spine is our life. Fundamentally this was a matter of common knowledge even in the days of the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. However only now coming anciently “suspicions” of folk healers that musculoskeletal system is similar to the Tree of Life have finally found its fundamental scientific grounds, thanks to the prof. Bulanov’s scientific school research. The result of his discoveries and scientific methodological research bases on his own opening (that the spine is the key to health) is literally stunning, and amazing especially because of its simplicity and scientific regularity of the medicine. Suffice it to say that the mere list of the diseases that can be effectively prevented and cured by applying prof. Bulanov’s best practices (in major hospitals as well as in rural depth of the country) would take numerous printed pages.

Take for example, injuries and diseases of the thoracic spine, if not taken timely measures eliminating with the help of advanced technology (without expensive equipment and synthetic drugs) of prof. Bulanov, may lead to dysfunction and vascular heart diseases (hypertension, atherosclerosis, stenocardia, tachycardia and so on), and also intercostals neuralgia. Even if clinical recognition confirms that the disease already “exists in the system”, the new complex of preventive medical actions on the spine and joints will allow the patient to rather quickly return to normal life.

The same beneficial effect of manipulative therapy using the method of L.Bulanov can be achieved with dysfunctions of the sacrolumbar, that lead to liver diseases and urogenital system, metabolic disease (for example gout) and menstrual disorders, renal colic, constipations, prostatitis, piles. And even to benign and malignant tumors. After all prof. Bulanov can prevent this kind of neoplasms in early stages: the only thing needed is to eliminate functional disorder in a specific segment of the spine by means of “the new manual therapy”.

And finally a few words about consequences of cervical spine traumas. First of all they lead to racking headaches, loop of vision, derangement of memory, blood supply disturbance and brain hypoxia. As a result, people who don’t understand the very mechanism of illness begin overmedicating themselves with potent synthetic medicaments not knowing that painkillers eliminate symptoms of the disease only temporarily, but in no way cure the person. On the other hand – prof. Bulanov’s complex scientific medical technique does, it is confirmed by elimination of consequences of disease by recovery of musculoskeletal system health of tenth thousands patients of all ages.

The opening made by prof. Bulanov in early 90th astonishes by its scientific simplicity, knowledge of clinical practice medicine, anatomy, physiology and his sincere care for his patients — no doubt he is a born doctor. Thereupon words said by Hippocrates come to mind: “A good doctor – is like God. Medicine — is art”. Prof. Bulanov’s books: “Guidance on osteopathy and folk bonesetterism”; “Manual therapy and self-care with diseases of the spine and joints”; “Manual therapy. The secret of longevity”; “Manual therapy. The source of good health”; “Healing of the spine and joints. Traditional and alternative methods”; “Reaching the heights of medical and battle craft” – remain to be highly appreciated and loved not only by prof. Bulanov‘s colleagues but managed to achieve a wide readership as well.
Books by Professor Leonid Alekseevich Bulanov are bright proof of the above written words, the publishing house «Medicine» “Manual therapy and self-help in case of spinal disease and joints ”,“ Guide to osteopathy and popular bone martyrism ”, «Manual therapy and longevity secrets». Publisher «Phoenix» «Manual therapy is a source of health.» Publishing AST Medical three-volume, publishing house EKSMO two-volume, publishing house «Peter» a two-volume book from the “Dr. Bulanov Library” series, its scientific and scientific popular movies.
Dr. Bulanov’s approach to a healthy lifestyle, developed by him methods of physical therapy, methods of nutrition, methods of rehabilitation allows live a man almost without aching until old age.
“Diseases come and go, but osteopathy is eternal,” says the doctor
Bulanov …

Профессор Леонид Буланов

Профессор Леонид Буланов